The Word Cloud App for iOS

Build, style and share word clouds with WordMapHD. Quickly summarize, and visually understand, what any text is really about. WordMap makes it easy to create text clouds from a news article, your Facebook feed, a classic of literature, song lyrics, Twitter #tags, your location, websites and more. Then edit, style and share beautiful text visualizations.


  • Automatically build word clouds from almost any text:
    • Your Facebook feed
    • Twitter #tags and @users
    • Google search results
    • Any Wikipedia entry
    • Your current location
    • Copied text
    • Any website or URL
  • Edit, resize or delete any word
  • Arrange using touch and drag
  • Or add words and build from scratch


  • Built-in posting to Facebook or Twitter
  • Export WordMaps as images
  • Send via email or SMS
  • Copy and paste text to and from other apps


  • Create your own custom text styles
  • Choose from beautiful pre-set styles
  • Pick any color for text or background
  • Use any font on your device
  • Customize single words or every word


  • Save maps you've made to your Documents
  • Reload maps using visual previews