WordMap HD User Guide

  1. Build a Map
  2. Edit Words
  3. Arrange and Sort a Map
  4. Style a Map
  5. Edit Styles
  6. Screenshots and Sharing
  7. Saving and Loading Maps
  8. The Word Editing Menu

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How to Build a WordMap

  1. Touch the button.
  2. Then touch the
  3. Choose a source for your new map.
  4. Review and edit the words.
  5. Touch


You can pull text from a wide variety of sources:

Finishing the Map

No matter which source you choose, a map is created by extracting its text, filtering out common words, then ranking the remaining words by how often they appear. The more frequently a word occurs, the larger it is on the map.

Once the extracting process is complete, a full list of the available words, and their sizes, are shown. You can use this list to remove, change or add words to your the map (See Edit Words for more info).

What makes a good source?

WordMap works best when building from sources with lots of readable text. Websites with lots of numbers, images or other non-language data may result in uninteresting or noisy maps. Some sources (such as Facebook) require you to have an account, and quality will vary depending on how much you use the service.

Warning: Building a map replaces the existing map. If you want to preserve the current map, Save it before building another. See Save and Load for more.

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Edit Words

Using the Build Screen

  1. Touch the button.
  2. Touch the button.
  3. Choose the Customize Current Map option.
  4. A list of all words is shown:
    1. To edit a word's text, touch the word's text box.
    2. Use the slider to set the word's size.
  5. To delete a word touch the button, then the button. You can also swipe left to right on the right edge of the word's row to reveal a delete button.

  6. To add a word press the button.
  7. Don't forget to press or your changes will not be applied.

Using the Word Menu

  1. You can also edit a word by double tapping it.
  2. Directly Copy, Paste, Delete or Edit from the menu that appears:
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Arranging and Sorting a Map

Move a Single Word

To move an individual word, press and hold that word. Once the word is activated, keep it pressed and drag anywhere on the screen. Simply release the word to place it in its new location.

Sort All Words

When first built, words are shuffled, and shown in a random layout. To display the words in a different order, shake your device. The map will redraw with words in order of size. Shake again to re-order the words alphabetically. Shake a third time to rearrange into a new random order.

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Styling a Map

The look of a map can be set using Styles. Styles control the colors, font and capitalization of maps. Individual words can have their own style, and maps have a "default" style which is used for all the words that don't have their own style.

Set the Map's Default Style

  1. Touch the option on the Menu.
  2. Select the style from the list of available styles.

Set a Word's Style

  1. Double touch a word to access its editing menu.
  2. Touch the Style option on the menu.
  3. Select the style you want to apply to that word.
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Editing Styles

To edit your styles, first touch the option in the menu.

Edit an Existing Style

  1. Touch the style's button on the right of its entry.
  2. On the details screen you can set its name, colors, capitalization and font.
  3. To select colors, touch one of the color bars
  4. Use the color wheel and brightness slider to pick your new color.
  5. Don't forget to press when you're done!

Add a New Style

  1. Touch the button on the Style list.
  2. Enter a name and other details for the style.
  3. Don't forget to press when you're done!
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Screenshots and Sharing

To post an image of your map to Facebook or Twitter, or send it as an email or sms, touch the button on the menu.

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Saving and Loading Maps

Save a Map

  1. Touch the button.
  2. Choose the option from the menu.
  3. You'll be prompted to enter a name for the map:
  4. Press

If you use an existing name you'll be prompted again to confirm you want to replace the existing save.

Load a Saved Map

  1. Touch the button.
  2. From the menu, touch .
  3. A view with thumbnails of your saved maps will appear.
  4. Swipe to scroll through all the available maps.
  5. Simply touch the screenshot to load that map.

Warning: Loading a map replaces the existing map.

Delete a Saved Map

  1. Touch the button on the Load screen.
  2. buttons will appear in the upper left corner of each map.
  3. Touch the button to delete the map.

Warning: Deleted maps cannot be recovered.

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Word Menu

Double touching an individual word displays a menu of actions you can take with that word.

Touch anywhere outside the word to dismiss the menu.

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